segunda-feira, 30 de março de 2015

A simple song for Raissa

My dear friend, where are you? What are you doing?
Let me tell.
Today i changed some of my symbols on the totem of my soul. Today
I changed the skin spent some of my memories. And then i felt the cold touch of some absences.
Of voices and gestures, ideas, fears, rages and amenities. Some of them hurt. Yours hurts.
So please dont leave on my shoulders the weight of your entire silence today.
The words unspoken can die or even kill somethings in us.
The words and the world should not so scary as our thougts sometimes show us.
Not even strange erotic messages hidden in the beauty of fireflies and the chistmas light can explain us the real meaning
Of the smiles.
I have seen peculiar things lately, my friend. I have seen
Old men and dogs an houses thats doing the eternal return to the big nothing (or all, but whatever...)
On the sunset, every on the sunset, of afternoon through the fi(ni)shing line nicely.
And i know those man,
And houses
Are nothing but memories right now.
And if the thumb of the time would touches them now,
Although lightly,
They floated whit the dust of my thoughts and the lust of my lazy views.
They don't exist anymore to me and it's not so important.
But you are.
So, my dear and distant friend, dont become only a memory.
The slow transmutation of peoples in memories use to hurt more effectively than some firegun's shot.
Your silence joins the silence of the men and centuries, and together they produce slowly the misunderstanding's things.
Yours words usually is full of rocks and mountais and forests and secrets of minerals and vegetables things
And winds in dark clouds promissing storms falling and rising through the meanings.
That lives in the most beautiful part of human mysteries and its deep abysses of his missing eyes.
But i'm not afraid of monsters and ghosts that i'll might find in your words.
Even the most frightening words of a song are less terrifying than silence of absences.
And your presence is a beautiful
Colour in the wings of the butterflie's songs
Crossing the words
Linking peoples and feelings and views and meanings and ends and starts for every things.
You are that song.

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